NOLA in August for POP-UP Festival

Updated: May 16

I am very excited about my trip to New Orleans in August (Exact dates TBA). This city is what I call my "Soul City" because of an experience I had there that profoundly changed my life in 2003. Well, in 2018, I revisited NOLA for the first time since. Also, for the first time since Hurricane Katrina. The spirit of the city is simply put, AMAZING. Which is one reason of why I have such a deep love for the location. Some places that I had frequented in the past were exactly the same since 2003. It's a resilient city and people. Of course, as any filmmaker, I took my camera along with no plan other than just getting some random footages. Just random shots and on the fly, so shaky camera was definitely involved with some of it. Last year, when the pandemic began, I delved into some of my footages and was inspired in writing a script and doing a short film on my experience from 2003. I am what most people call an Avant Garde creator. In other words, I will take imperfect footages and use them. I go with a feeling and flow and create a film for me and then if others like it then so be it...if not that's ok too. I will share this short film with you called "The Conversation". It's close to my heart and ends with a song I wrote about the experience. I am also a singer/songwriter. Something I've done as a child. So, it only makes sense to return to NOLA for a pop up festival for LLFF. It's my home away from home and always will be. I hope you enjoy my short film "The Conversation" because it is a little piece of my heart. It's not perfect footage...but it was perfect for me and that is what matters most for us filmmakers. Make a film that is perfect for YOU. That is the true creation of art. <3

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