About Founder & Director, Leisa Coffman

Leisa Coffman is a Director, Writer and Producer as well as a Singer/Songwriter and Creator. She has worked in the entertainment industry for over 20 years in the publishing of books and production of films. Leisa worked beside many truly talented individuals that taught her many things that no education could teach and only experience can produce. Through this work is how Leisa learned her natural abilities as a filmmaker. She loves all aspects of filmmaking all the way from being behind the camera to editing as well as even scoring music for her films. 


As a Director of Marketing she has managed events at the American Film Market in Santa Monica, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and Book Expo events at the Javits Center in NYC. She has worn many hats in project management so, running a festival such as LLFF is second nature to her. Also, her experience in web development brings another layer of know how that brings forth a unique portal offering many tools to filmmakers.


She is driven in her ideas and inspirations. She is innovative and excited about all the possibilities of LLFF as a digital AND pop up festival.